Who We Are

About us

MCAPOWER is one of SOLARBABA GROUP brands, since its establishment established in 1999 MCAPOWER a manufacturer of valve regulated lead (VRAL) batteries, integrating development, production, marketing and service. Since foundation, we have been committed to the development of rechargeable VRLA battery. So far, we have developed into a large scale major storage battery manufacturer and OEM in China.

We provide the widest selection of lead acid battery, AGM battery and gel battery for deep cycle, long life and high rate applications. MCAPOWER holds a global ISO quality management system to meet customer’s requirements for high quality. In addition, our battery including general purpose battery, deep cycle battery, front access battery, long life battery and high rate battery. They are completely environment friendly, and are certified by production certificate.


MCAPOWER Battery Company’s core values focus on our commitment to developing innovative environmentally friendly energy storage solutions that effectively meet customer needs, and serve the global community at large. MCAPOWER values the integrity of our business relations, the quality of our deep-cycle technology, reliability of our products and services, as well as the professional growth of our team members.


MCAPOWER corporate planning and actions are guided by a high level of business ethics and integrity. We treat MCAPOWER team members, customers, suppliers and business associates with dignity, respect and fairness. We communicate openly and honestly and recognize the customs, traditions and needs of the communities we serve. MCAPOWER also maintains high safety and environmental standards.


Since 1999, customers have depended on MCAPOWER quality which is demonstrated in the performance, reliability and durability of our deep-cycle battery products. MCAPOWER quality commitment extends to developing continuous process improvements, working with quality suppliers while delivering world-class service and support. MCAPOWER has an unwavering focus on quality.


Our customer relationships are created, maintained and continuously enhanced by providing the best products and services for every unique geography, market and application around the world. By applying MCAPOWER experience, know-how and innovation to meet the needs of our markets and customers, we consistently deliver ideal energy storage solutions for a wide range of applications.


At MCAPOWER, personal growth is a central theme of our corporate culture.We foster teamwork, open communication, goodwill and camaraderie throughout our organization.MCAPOWER values informed risk-taking,employee development,accountability for actions, and recognition for results.We are committed to the empowerment of our most valuable resource – our people.


We look beyond today’s business needs to tomorrow’s global energy requirements. By creating and launching exciting new energy storage products, advancing our technologies, and identifying emerging markets, MCAPOWER continues to maintain our leadership position.


MCAPOWER supports global communities with high-quality, reliable products that enable families to prosper and businesses to grow. In addition, MCAPOWER team members volunteer in many local projects to increase opportunities for communities to thrive.