Front Access Gel Battery FCTG Series

Mainly for Telecommunication System


MCAPOWER is a specialized European brand for Front Access Gel batteries, As a well renowned front access lead acid battery manufacturer in China, MCAPOWER offers the widest selection of front access AGM batteries and Gel VRAL batteries. The Gel technology has numerous superiorities over the equivalent AGM battery range, especially for telecommunication applications. The FCTG type front terminal battery comes with long lasting design life and front access connections for fast, easy installation and maintenance, and is ideally suitable for telecom outdoor equipment, renewable energy systems and other severe environments.

Long Design Life

The use of heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anticorrosive constrution enables the MCAPOWER Batteries to remain in float service for 10 years.

Gas Pressure Venting System

Efficient venting system can automatically release excessive gas when the pressure rises above the normal level and reseal the valves when it returns to the normal rate.


NO electrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case ensuring safe and efficient operation.

NO Equalizing Charge Required

With the good coherence of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge , there is no equalizing charge required during use.

Maintenance Free

The maintenance free battery boasts outstanding service performance and over discharge recovery ability.

High Power Density

MCAPOWER has been improved to bring about 15% higher energy density (wh/I , wh/kg) than comparable batteries at long duration discharge helping to design equipments to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective.

NO Free Acid

Gas recombination technology brings super high seal reaction efficiency. Therefore, no acid mist will be separated out and environment is thereby protected.

Anti-explosion Battery

MCAPOWER is equipped with anti-explosion device which improves safety.


Where to use our AGM deep cycle batteries!

Our AGM deep cycle batteries excel in even the toughest conditions such as in applications that require fast recharging and extremely cold environments. Our deep cycle batteries can be used in the following industries and devices:

Solar & Wind energy system
Cable TV Systems
Telecom systems
Wheel chair & Golf Car
Marine Equipment
Railway Systems


Models PDF Nominal voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Overall dimensions (mm) Weight (kg ± 3%) Terminal Layout Bolt
Length Width Height Total height
FCTG12-55   12 55/10HR 277 106 223 223 16.1 T2 C M6×16
FCTG12-80   12 80/10HR 562 114 188 188 25.1 T3 C M6×16
FCTG12-100 AT 12 100/10HR 507 110 223 223 29.5 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-110   12 105/10HR 394 110 286 286 30.6 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-125 AT 12 125/10HR 552 110 239 239 37.6 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-150 AT BT 12 150/10HR 551 110 288 288 44.2 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-160 AT 12 160/10HR 551 110 288 288 44.7 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-175 AT 12 175/10HR 546 125 316 323.5 53.7 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-180 AT 12 180/10HR 560 125 316 316 54.2 T5 C M8×16
FCTG12-190 AT 12 190/10HR 560 125 316 316 55.5 T5 C M8×16

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