MCAPOWER Battery requirements

MCAPOWER Battery requirements


Rechargeable batteries are an indispensable element of autonomous and backup supply. The proper selection of their number and capacity largely depends on efficiency and reliability of the entire system. Batteries on 6 and 12V are the most widespread. If the voltage exceeds 12V batteries are connected in series so that the sum of the rated voltage corresponds to the required nominal voltage of the system. Similar (sequential) blocks may be connected in parallel if power storage of one unit is enough for normal operation.

Types of batteries used in power supply systems

1. Usual lead-acid low-maintenance batteries. Under good conditions and proper selection of their number their service life is 5-6 years.

2. AGM batteries (electrolyte absorbed into glass fiber). Lifetime under optimal conditions is 10-12 years.

3. Gel batteries (GEL). The service life is about the same or slightly larger than the AGM - 10-15 years.

Certainly, AGM and GEL batteries are more suitable for uninterruptible power supply systems, but their cost is usually several times higher than that of conventional lead-acid with liquid electrolyte. The most important requirement when choosing batteries is not to put them less than the recommended amount, as any listed batteries are sensitive to overcharging, which can significantly reduce their life term.

Requirements for the use of batteries

When using batteries should remember that their capacity decreases with decreasing temperature. And this decrease is quite significant. Usually at 0 degree, the capacity of AGM batteries is 2 times lower than the nominal and further lowering the temperature of their usable capacity is also reduced.

The negative effect has also high temperature in the room where batteries are located. To avoid reducing the service term of the battery, the room temperature should not be above 25 degree.

Above information are based on our MCA Power battery and all these conditions are good for customer know how to choose the suitable battery and how to maintain the battery performance.

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